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Ending Preventable Stillbirths – A Lancet Special Series (2016)

Thirty years ago Isobel Martin, who lives in Wales, lost her baby daughter Holly at the very end of her pregnancy. Today she still carries a locket with a piece of Holly’s hair and a photograph. Christine in Malawi lost a baby during labor a year ago. Her husband has now left her and she is stigmatized by her relatives. This film weaves their mirrored stories together with the new research published in the Lancet about the global problem of stillbirth, where women in the poorest countries are 250 times more likely to lose a baby during labor and birth than those in wealthy countries.

Ending Preventable Stillbirths  (Full version – 12 Mins)

This is the full version of the film, shot in the UK and Malawi. It is designed to highlight the extent of the global problem, as well as the differing reasons for stillbirths between wealthy and poor countries.

Ending Preventable Stillbirths  (Short version – 7 Mins)

This is a shorter version of the same film. It is available both in English and Spanish.

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