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NEST360 (Newborn Essential Solutions and Technologies) training videos

These training videos demonstrate model-specific equipment setup, use, and maintenance and are used as training aids in clinical and technical training.

Pulse oximeter

All babies need to be checked soon after birth to make sure that they have sufficient oxygen circulating in their blood. The pulse Oximeter shines red light through a finger, toe or foot to read the baby’s blood saturation. It is an essential tool for diagnosing and monitoring breathing problems.

Oxygen concentrator

This is the workhorse of adult and paediatric emergency rooms, taking oxygen from the air to provide concentrated oxygen to patients. In Neonatal Intensive Care Units it is used to provide oxygen to babies who need help to breathe.

Flow splitter

One concentrator can provide many babies with the small amounts of oxygen that they require. The flow splitter does what it says on the can. It splits the oxygen flow up to six ways, allowing accurate control of flow rates for each baby.

Pumani bubble CPAP

Sometimes premature babies have stiff lungs and need a bit of help to breath. CPAP machines provide a mix of air and oxygen with a bit of pressure. In the developed world new CPAP machines can cost thousands of pounds. The Pumani bubble CPAP was developed by biomedical engineering students from RICE University in Texas working with clinicians in Malawi. They came up with an easy maintenance machine at a fraction the price, which uses aquarium pumps to provide the pressure. The Pumani is now used across Africa.

Suction pump

If a baby gets a blocked nose – then it won’t be able to breath well. Suction pumps are a standard in any Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Radiant warmer

Premature babies need to be kept with a constant body temperature of 37 degrees. Overheating or getting too cold are a frequent cause of death. The best way of doing this is to put the baby skin to skin with Mum. But sometimes that is not possible – and the radiant warmer can provide a substitute.

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