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Explaining lumbar punctures – a guide for parents in Africa, India and East Asia

Our short videos below explain to parents what a lumbar puncture is. Lumbar punctures are the only way to accurately diagnose children with suspected meningitis, and determine the best treatment. In some countries there is a lot of fear of lumbar punctures, so many parents refuse consent. In reality, lumbar punctures are very safe. The videos can be shown widely at under-5 clinics and health education sessions, or used specifically in emergency departments and paediatric wards. They were created in partnership with doctors at the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit at University College London, and doctors from research teams and centres of excellence in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Vietnam and India.

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These films are designed to be watched by parents in Africa, India and East Asia. You can watch, download and share films in a choice of languages and quality settings. The smallest files are ideal for mobile phone sharing with WhatsApp and other platforms.

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