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HIV Paediatric case study films for teaching in Africa

These 12 films cover some of the main areas of paediatric care, including early infant diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of exposed babies, initiation on ART, side effects to ARVs, opportunistic infections and investigating treatment failure. The films were all made at a busy referral hospital in Malawi.

Each of the videos starts with images taken on the first day we filmed with a child. We then present a history, with the relevant information provided by the guardian or gleaned from the child’s personal medical record. This is followed by images of any examination done, and results of any tests ordered.

The videos throughout pose questions about potential diagnosis and treatment. Answers are not in the films themselves, but in accompanying notes (DOWNLOAD) which can be updated to accommodate changes in guidelines and treatment, or adapted to different settings. Notes covering all the cases can be downloaded from the individual film pages.

Some of the films are built around a single visit to the hospital. But most of them follow the children from periods of a few months up to a year. Additional visits almost always pose further clinical questions, as well as showing the impact of treatment and management over time.

Another eight case study films are currently being edited. They are being used on courses given by PENTA (Paediatric European Network for the Treatment of AIDS).

1 – Suzen’s Baby

This film looks at treatment that should be given to an exposed baby.

2 – Baby Chisomo

This film also looks at treatment for an exposed baby.

3 – Baby Elizabeth

This film also looks at treatment for an exposed baby who has been admitted after suffering birth asphyxia.

4 – Wongani

This film looks at early infant diagnosis, initiation on ART and care needed to treat opportunistic infections in a very sick child.

5 – Martha

3 month old Martha is an HIV positive baby who has developed BCG-OSIS. The film looks at early infant diagnosis, initiation on ART and TB diagnosis.

6 – Victor

7 month old Victor’s rapid HIV tests don’t give a clear answer. His mother is HIV postive with severe TB. He is also not healthy. What do you do?

7 – Daniel

Daniel has all the opportunistic infections associated with HIV. He has TB, candida and severe malnutrition. But his rapid tests come back negative and a DNA/PCR gets lost at the lab. What do you do?

8 – Masha

Masha is started on ART, but very late are many missed opportunities. TB and adherence both threaten her recovery. This case looks at early infant diagnisis, TB, Meningitis, ART initiation and adherence.

9 – Shukran

Shukran is one of three children brought in with Stevens-Johnson syndrome. He is HIV positve, the others are negative. In an over-crowded hospital, how can you help these acutely sick children survive?

10 – Louis

The sad story of 7-year-old Louis, is a tale of missed opportunities, in a child brought to hospital too late. It show the importance of acting when children fail to thrive.

11 – Gertrude

Gertude is a small girl who is started on ART with severe malnutrition. Her mother tests positive at the same time.

12 – Matthias

Matthias is an HIV positive orphan who is fequently in hospital with meningitis and other illness. But he is lucky to be looked after by an uncle who cares.

13 – Flora

Flora has a severe mouth infection, and a history of defaulting on ART.