HIV paediatric case studies: Case 6 – Victor

These interactive teaching videos are designed to copy the way that clinicians learn. Topics covered in this set of films include early infant diagnosis, ART initiation, opportunistic infections, drug reactions and treatment failure.

Download from Vimeo:            Download supporting notes

Victor is a seven-month-old baby who arrives in hospital with his HIV+ mother, who is diagnosed with advanced TB. Victor is severely wasted and very sick. These films follow children over time, recording clinic visits or admissions to hospital, stopping to ask questions whenever treatment decisions need to be made. Suggested answers are contained in accompanying notes, which can be downloaded. Editable versions for adapting to different settings can be obtained from 

Teaching points:
Early infant diagnosis

Informed consent was obtained from carers, names were changed and the faces of children over three were hidden. The videos are licensed under a creative commons licence for educational purposes only. Permission must be obtained for other uses.

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