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We create films to make a difference in the real world. So our work doesn’t end after the final edit. We always invite evaluations of our work from the organisations with which we partner, health professionals, and the patients and communities who our films are designed to help. This feedback is invaluable in directing us to improve and fine-tune the way we approach future projects.

Comments can be posted on each individual film page. But we have also compiled feedback from specific organisations and individuals on a selection of film projects, which can be read below. If you would like to provide feedback on any of our work, please email us at 

Dr. Abbas Lugemwa (Head JCRC Mbarara Regional Centre of Excellence) on a range of Picturing Health films, including our Covid-19 advice films

A wide selection of Picturing Health’s films have been used to share essential health information in Uganda, both to the general public and to medical practioners on specific issues. Dr Lugemwa, who leads Uganda’s Joint Clinical Research Centre, explains the impact these films have had in the country’s health programme.


Picturing Health has been instrumental in visual research dissemination to the science and non-science public which has helped healthcare stakeholders appreciate the importance of medical research, thus improving perception of conduct of medical research in Uganda.

Some films have helped address knowledge gaps about unfolding diseases, especially with COVID-19 where Picturing Health films and animations were translated to over 30 local languages and made available for free on local media channels and social media platforms in Uganda.

Some films Picturing Health have been used to train medical students at Mbarara University of Science and Technology and inspired young scientists into medical research in Uganda.

This film shares the outcomes of the Odyssey research project conducted by paediatric health organisation Penta, which aimed to develop dispersible dolutegravir tablets for children living with HIV. We asked a number of health professionals in Malawi for their feedback on this film and the information it provides. This is a selection of the responses we received.


I think it’s a brilliant idea and I think it will facilitate easy learning for participants.


Very practical.


An eye opener looking at the real scenarios.


Very useful seeing real life situations.


Case studies were outstanding and practical.


Very useful – we are able to feel the real situation and add on the experience.


Good and clear.


Very good for learning and teaching.

Prof. Alan Davidson (Head of the Paediatric Haematology-Oncology Service at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Cape Town) on Covid on the Breadline

Our film ‘Covid on the Breadline’, examines the indirect impacts of the pandemic on the world’s poorest communities, and particularly on children. Professor Alan Davidson, head of one of sub-Saharan Africa’s leading Paediatric Haematology-Oncology services, and a professor in Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Cape Town, offers his reaction to the film.


Provocative and timely. And a very useful advocacy tool! Certainly we anticipate that kids will suffer considerable collateral damage. And our advocacy groups are clear that without social relief the cost of lockdown is already very high.

Dr Anna Turkova (Clinical Principal Research Fellow at MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL) on ODYSSEY/PENTA 20 – Dolutegravir for children living with HIV


Picturing Health teaching films were incredibly useful for Penta HIV and TB training in sub Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We successfully used the short training films during the working groups according to the topic discussed. The films helped to break the ice in the working groups quickly and stimulated interactive discussions. We also used these films for Penta online courses. For both residential and online courses, we had an overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants on the use of the films.

Rubinga Baker (Data Manager at Joint Clinical Research Center, Uganda) on All about COVID-19. Advice for communities in Africa (Runyankole)

Our ‘All about Covid’ films have been released in over 20 local language options across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. This feedback relates to a version designed for a section of the Ugandan population from Rubinga Baker, who works in a leading medical research institution in Uganda.


The message in the video is good and crucial in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Runyankore interpretation is clearly understood by the local Banyankore people of western Uganda.

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