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Emergency Triage and Treatment (ETAT) in children

The majority of children who die of severe illness in Africa do so within hours of being admitted to hospital. So the first minutes in an emergency department are often key to survival. ETAT – Emergency Triage and Treatment – is a WHO approved course for teaching how to identify and treat the children in most urgent need. In hospitals where it has been implemented it has cut deaths by up to 50%, and well as boosted the morale and confidence of health workers.

We are currently completing a set of films to accompany the ETAT course, which will be appear on this page as they become available.

ETAT saves lives – The story of Mbale Hospital, Uganda

How can ETAT (Emergency Triage and Treatment) transform a hospital? This film is aimed anyone wanting to adopt ETAT or starting out on a training course. The film shows the positive transformation in a district hospital in Uganda, when ETAT was introduced as part of a major international clinical trial. ETAT saved lives, boosted morale and enhanced the reputation of the hospital and staff in the community.

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