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Make a general donation to the work Picturing Health does to improve health. We will use these donations for our core film projects.

We will use money raised from public appeals to make films for health worker training, patient empowerment and community involvement. We will also use it to distribute films, sharing them with partners, organising community activities around film showings and taking films to schools. Finally we will use these funds to evaluate the impact of films. This is essential to improve our work.

Pending projects include making films to train HIV positive “mentor” mothers in Africa; a series of films about emergency treatment of children in Africa and a series for Diabetes education in Latin America.

Donate to our CurArte project

Donations to CurArte will be used to fund our ongoing commitment to use art and other creative disciplines to support the mental health unit of one of the main public hospitals in El Salvador. Our work focuses on helping those affected by the country’s epidemic levels of violence.

We have also run a pilot workshop with young people growing up with HIV in Malawi. This is an experience we would like to expand.

Donate to our Covid-19 appeal

Picturing Health is using the power of film to distribute essential public health information to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Africa and Asia.

Your donation will enable us to work with local film makers to create short videos providing advice on hygiene, social distancing and self-isolation, and to distribute them as widely as possible to help control the epidemic and save lives throughout African communities.

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