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Diabetes course for clinicians, health workers and patients

Film 1: Introduction to Diabetes

This short film asks what is diabetes. It explains the basics when the body has trouble processing glucose. It is the first in a set of seven films designed as a diabetes course for Malawi, but could be used anywhere in Africa. 

Film 2: Type 1 Diabetes. The Story of Crispin

This second film tells the story of Crispin, a child with type 1 diabetes who arrives in hospital with a very high blood sugar level. The film runs through all the possible causes and suggestions for management, as well as giving a simple explanation of Type 1 diabetes.

Film 3: Type 2 Diabetes. The Story of Maria

This film follows the story of Maria, a teacher with Type 2 Diabetes. It covers diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle changes, using animation to explain how diabetes works. Maria also has high blood pressure, which often accompanies diabetes.

Film 4: Epidemiology of Diabetes in Malawi

This is the fourth of seven films forming the backbone of a complete diabetes course for Malawi. It looks at the reasons for high prevalence of diabetes in Malawi, and the need for action to bring a growing epidemic under control.

Film 5: Diet and Diabetes

This film is in Chichewa and gives a simple and engaging explanation of diet changes needed for those living with diabetes in Malawi. An “expert patient” who loves eat tries to resist temptation as he takes us on a tour of local markets. The film gives a clear explanation of different food types and the need for a balanced diet .

Film 6: Complications of Diabetes

This film explains the main complications of diabetes in the eyes, kidneys and feet. It shows methods for preventing and diagnosing diabetes complications and outlines possible treatments.

Film 7: Diabetes and HIV

This is the last of seven films forming the backbone of a complete diabetes course for Malawi, aimed at clinicians, health workers, expert patients and others affected by diabetes. It takes a brief look at the links between HIV and diabetes.

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