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Animations about vaccination, Covid, HIV and pregnancy

Many countries have now lifted Covid restrictions and lockdowns. These short animated films provide guidance in the new normality where we learn to live with the virus. Some are aimed at a broad audience and are suitable for TV and social media campaigns. Others have more specific audiences, particularly pregnant women attending ante-natal sessions. They were produced in partnership with research institutions in Zimbabwe, Uganda and UK.


The first three animations are about vaccination. They address some of the main barriers to people getting vaccinated and the misinformation spread by anti-vaxxers.

Vaccination – what is a virus?

This short animation looks at coronavirus, HIV and Ebola, and describes how they are all viruses, but how they spread in very different ways.

Vaccination – our natural defences

This film explains how our body’s immune system works and how it builds up memory to guard against past illnesses.

Vaccination – How do vaccines work?

This explains how vaccinations prime the immune system against particular illnesses.

Covid at home

The next four animations are about living with Covid in a world where most of the formal restrictions and lockdown measures have been lifted.

Covid at home – Do I have Covid?

A recap of the symptoms – and a summary of the main features of Covid. What do we need to know now restrictions have been lifted?

Covid at home – Self isolating

What does self isolating mean? This animation emphasises the continuing need to people with Coid to self isolate, especially those living with people who are vulnerable.

Covid at home – Caring for those vulnerable to Covid

How to look after someone who is at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill at home. This short film emphasises the need to get medical advice early and to continue taking other medications.

Covid at home – When should I go to hospital?

This animation looks at when Covid symptoms are too severe to manage at home and hospital treatment may be needed.

Covid and HIV

Covid and HIV

This single short animation looks at the importance of being on HIV treatment for those who are HIV positive. It also emphasises the need for everyone to know their HIV status because of the continuing risk from Covid.

Staying healthy during pregnancy

These five films are all aimed at an audience you might find in antenatal sessions, primarily pregnant women and their husbands/partners.  ‘Covid and pregnancy’ could be used for a much more general community audience as it is aimed at encouraging both women and men to go to antenatal sessions. 

Staying healthy during pregnancy – Covid and pregnancy

This animation looks at the extra risk posed by Covid to pregnant women, particularly during the last three months of pregnancy. It emphasises the need to be in antenatal care and have the delivery in a health facility, as other health risks associated with pregnancy are much higher if left untreated.

Staying healthy during pregnancy – Testing for HIV

This animation looks at why women need an HIV test during pregnancy. It explains the test and the benefits of treatment for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT).

The animations have been produced in partnership with research institutions in Zimbabwe, Uganda and the UK, including: the MRC-CTU at University College London; University of Harare; Ezekiel Guti University (CRD), Zimbabwe; Joint Clinical Research Centre, Uganda.

Funding for the project came from ViiV Healthcare and the COVID-19 Africa Rapid Grant Fund. This partnership allowed us to research and address questions being asked in health facilities and communities in Zimbabwe and Uganda.

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