Pumani bCPAP training films: Section 10 – Cleaning the Tubes and Bottle

13 training films for the PUMANI BUBBLE CPAP, an innovative low cost CPAP machine used across Africa to save the lives of babies with breathing difficulties.

The tenth in a set of 13 films forming a training course for the Pumani Bubble CPAP, an innovative low cost CPAP machine used to save the lives of babies with breathing difficulties. This film shows how to dismantle the machine and clean the equipment, ready for the next use. Other films cover how to identify babies that will benefit from CPAP, how to attach them to the machine, how to monitor and care for babies on CPAP, how to wean them off and how to maintain the machine.

Originally developed by students from Rice University, Texas, the low cost Pumani Bubble CPAP is now being rolled out across Africa, and is becoming a basic piece of equipment in many hospitals and health centres. The CPAP project is run by Rice 360˚ Institute for Global Health Technologies and Hadleigh Health Technologies, with funding from USAID. The videos are licensed under a creative commons licence for educational purposes only. Permission must be obtained for other uses.

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