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 In Africa and South Asia, the coronavirus pandemic threatens to afflict some of the communities who are least well-equipped to withstand it. With more than three billion people having little access to intensive care, their best hope to stay safe during the pandemic is through knowledge and information.


Our films are designed to empower communities to slow the spread of the virus, protect the most vulnerable, and support health services in continuing to provide treatment for other deadly illnesses. Working in partnership with leading research organisations, as well as UNICEF and a range of NGOs, we are creating reliable, effective public health messages, and distributing them to the people who need them. Please sign up to our e-newsletters for the latest alerts on new films as we release them.


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Our coronavirus appeal

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a worldwide health emergency. Many African and South Asian communities will be among the least prepared to cope with its impact. Picturing Health can help by using the power of film to distribute vital information to reduce the spread of coronavirus and save lives. You can help us to achieve that.


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Picturing Health are creating public health information films to promote behaviour that can reduce the spread of coronavirus in Africa. We are also making films to contribute to the policy debate to help guide the response to the pandemic. These projects have a simple shared goal: to save lives.

Coronavirus messages for communities

We have created a range of animated films that provide essential, easy-to-follow advice on reducing the spread of COVID-19 in Africa and South Asia. These are available to watch, download and share in a wide range of languages and in a choice of file sizes for diverse media.

These films include ‘All about COVID-19’, which explains what coronavirus and how people can protect themselves against it, and ‘Protecting the elderly from coronavirus in rural Africa’, which addresses the particular challenges facing older people living outside the cities.

COVID on the breadline

What does COVID-19 mean for the 750 million people who live below the poverty line? Will they be hit harder by the pandemic or by the lockdowns designed to slow its spread? Are there alternative measures which could avoid an epidemic of hunger and diseases of poverty? What will it mean for the children of the world’s poor?

This film examines these questions through the eyes of those living on the breadline, and the organisations, including UNICEF, who work with them.

Picturing Health uses the power of film and art to promote better health globally. Watch and download our films to…

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