Training films

NEST360 training videos

These training videos demonstrate model-specific equipment setup, use, and maintenance and are used as training aids in clinical and technical training for the treatment of newborn babies. The videos were made for NEST360 (Newborn Essential Solutions and Technologies), an alliance seeking to bring an end to preventable newborn deaths in African hospitals.

Memory Cafe Hub

We made a series of films for a project that provides training and learning resources for use in memory cafes – spaces where people living dementia can meet with others and find friendship and support. The result of the project is the Memory Cafe Hub website – – a free resource guiding memory cafe coordinators and volunteers, and anyone who runs or is thinking about setting up a memory cafe.

Thanzi la Onse (Health of All)

Have you ever wondered what Health Economists do? Thanzi la Onse, which means ‘Health of All’, is a multi-centre project to use health economics and computer modelling to help Malawi and other East African countries assign their limited health budgets to save most lives. This would be an excellent introduction to a training course about health economics or for writing funding proposals where the cost-effectiveness of treatments or initiatives needs to be justified.

The challenges of growing up with HIV

We are creating a set of three films about young people living with HIV in Africa. The first is about the impact of finding out they are HIV positive. The second is about adherence to ARVs. The third is about who they chose to tell and the difficulties this creates. Throughout young people talk see the greatest challenge arising from fear and ignorance about HIV – much of it the product of past prevention campaigns built on fear.

Pumani bCPAP Training Films

This set of 13 films were created to train teams looking after babies and premature babies with severe respiratory distress, how to use an innovative low cost CPAP machine. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) helps babies to breath by gently pushing an air/oxygen mix into their lungs. Normally too expensive for Africa, a group of students came up with an innovative idea, now being rolled out to Hospitals across the continent.

Diabetes course for Clinicians, Health workers and Patients

Seven films form the backbone of a two day Diabetes training course, originally carried out in Malawi. They are designed to train health workers, but are pitched to also be easily understandable to a wider audience. They include films about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, as well as complications of diabetes and maintaining a health diet. While made for Malawi, the films could be easily adapted for use in other African countries.

HIV paediatric teaching case studies

These interactive films use real cases to bring clinical decisions into training. Filmed in a busy district hospital in Malawi, cases were chosen to cover the main areas of paediatric HIV care. We followed children for a up to a year. Each time there is a clinical decision to make, the film can be stopped to answer questions. The videos are designed to be used with accompanying notes which can be easily adapted to different settings and guidelines.

Emergency Triage and Treatment (ETAT) in children

How can ETAT (Emergency Triage and Treatment) transform a hospital? This film is aimed anyone wanting to adopt ETAT or starting out on a training course. The film shows transformation in a district hospital in Uganda, saving children’s lives, boosting staff morale and enhancing the reputation of the hospital in the community.

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