Films for patients

Choezom’s story: All about TB (2017, 34 mins.  Lhasan Tibetan and English)

This film tells the story of Tibetan nun as she recovers from TB. The film is designed to give information to patients and to Tibetan communities, about TB, its diagnosis, cure and prevention. The imagery is built from photos taken on a trip to Tibet by UK doctors, and recreates the beauty of the monasteries and mountains.

Diabetes course for Clinicians, Health workers and Patients

Seven films form the backbone of a two day Diabetes training course, originally carried out in Malawi. They are designed to train health workers, but are pitched to also be easily understandable to a wider audience. They include films about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, as well as complications of diabetes and maintaining a health diet. While made for Malawi, the films could be easily adapted for use in other African countries.

Finding out – the challenges of growing up with HIV

This is the first of three films looking at the challenges faced by young people living with HIV in Africa. A filmmaker who grew up with HIV in the UK explores the stories of counterparts in Malawi and Zimbabwe. The film focuses on the way in which young people find out they have HIV, and the negative impact of school education designed to create fear of infection. A must see for anyone working with young people in Africa.