Films for communities

A Village Tale. (2014, 64 mins and 13 mins) – The MASA community film project

This funny and poignant film tells the story of a Malawian village as its inhabitants struggle to deal with the HIV epidemic. An interactive film, it is being shown to large audiences as part of a project to mobilise communities. As the story unfolds, the audience become witnesses in a discussion which never fails to be lively.

Chiedza’s Song: Growing up with HIV in Zimbabwe. (50 mins) (2016)

These films are being used in schools and community halls in Zimbabwe, to provoke discussion and challenge stereotypes of HIV. Built around the ZENITH research project, they tell the story of a brave young woman who overcomes the odds and now wants to shake the attitudes of her community and country towards those who are HIV+.

Finding out – the challenges of growing up with HIV

This is the first of three films looking at the challenges faced by young people living with HIV in Africa. A filmmaker who grew up with HIV in the UK explores the stories of counterparts in Malawi and Zimbabwe. The film focuses on the way in which young people find out they have HIV, and the negative impact of school education designed to create fear of infection. A must see for anyone working with young people in Africa.